What? Who? Why?

Hello void! I decided to start writing about my personal projects. I’ll post a series tutorials as side product just to be used as documentation in the future. I’m a developer, designer, music lover, dad and many more things. I want to keep book about my doings and findings and help my readers on the side (as if anyone ever reads my blog).

Currently I’m working on a 3D adventure game using Godot and Blender for the most parts. I will be posting a lot about the game but some tutorials, notes and thoughts as well. There will a lot of short tutorials. I like to keep things small. Plenty of screenshots from my project(s). Some videos and a bunch of stupid jokes.

A few words about the my current game project. It’s an adventure game in first person perspective. You can pick up and combine items. There are a lot of different items to find but not all are necessary finish the game. Some items are used for sort of secondary objectives. For example you can find a disk with a game on it and then use disk with your computer to play the game. Just for fun. Also I try to add as many interactive objects as possible into the game world. The theme is a semi-dark mystery in an alternative reality where it can be bit difficult to say if it’s the 80s or 90s or even present day. It’s hard to describe but as I already mentioned there will posts with screenshots and even videos. I’m using Godot as the engine for the game. 3D models I make with Blender. I also use a bunch of other tools and I will also post more about those in the near future.

Oh yeah, the game project does have a project name already. It’s Somnium Novis.

Thanks void.

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