This is Somnium Novis

I started the development a couple of months back. I had already done a couple of concepts. There was a rolling sky clone, a minigolf game and many others. None of those seemed to keep me excited. I always lost my interest after a while. Then I started thinking what I really love about games and then it hit me. A game where I can do the things I have always wanted to do in games. Some days later I had again a proof of concept in my hands but this time it felt kind of cool. A mix of life simulation and an adventure game with interactive things like a “fully” functional computer system and arcade machines from the 80s.

Just a few colors in my palette and a synthwave vibe we have our first screenshots. Hope you like them.

An apartment with a poster on the wall, some piping and a computer.

The computer system (SomniumOS) you see in the screenshot is one of the interactive things I mentioned. It’s a command line based operating system with all the basic commands from DOS times like ‘dir’, ‘cd’ and so on. You can even find disks in the game that can be then be used with the computer. It’s probably nothing you haven’t seen before in game but it’s kind of cool, right?

What next? I would really want to release an alpha version of the game for testing. I’m also not sure if I could or should try to earn a few bucks when the game is ready. But maybe it’s not yet time for these things as I am just about to finish the first room in the game. I could also make youtube channel and post a video but first I need to come up with some proper sound effects for the game.

What do you think I should do next?

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