Alpha Build 034

There’s a new build. There’s a bunch of new features and fixes. In this post I’ll walk you through what has changed.

I started my work for this build by fixing bugs. The first bug was a nasty one. Every time I used an item another item was removed from the inventory. This is related to gdscript array remove and erase -methods. I wrote a post about it. I also fixed bugs related to the camera, sounds and environment.

Basic mechanics and a simple motion blur effect

Then to the features. I did some minor enhancements to the UI. I made current score appear every time the player gets a point. And not only that. Now when a point is added to the player score the game plays a nice little sound. How wonderful, right? 🙂

Other features added include a simple pause menu and a possibility to browse through your inventory with mouse scroll wheel. Nothing special about the pause menu but the way how I can now go through all the items in my backpack is an improvement that really makes a difference. It’s a user experience thing. You know.

The SomniumOS has also some improvements and fixes. Before the screen was leaking light from the bottom, the computer fans were humming even when the machine was turned off and so on. Now it should work quite well and can be already used for e.g. checking the contents of various disks found in the game and reading simple text files.

SomniumOs in action

This whole OS is something I personally love. It can’t do much at the moment but it definitely will be a big part of the game. There will be apps and maybe even games for it in the future. I also mentioned the SomniumOS in my previous post in case you missed it or want know more. I think I could write a full article about this operating system and maybe I will in the future.

So how what you think? Please feel free to give a comment about anything. I’m open for new ideas and improvements. Cheers!

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