Sneak Peak to Alpha 0.4.0

Next alpha version is just around the corner. There is still some content missing. I would say the first chapter is half way finished. There’s at least more playable content, new inventory system, new menus, environmental elements like rain and a lot more. But now is not the time to talk about a version that I haven’t finished. Now I want to show some images.

“It’s a rainy day, It will turn out right”

I wish you could also hear the sounds, but I’m sticking to gifs for now. I mean the sound of the rain outside and all the pressuring ambience inside. I’m not sure if I want to be in or out :). Fortunately there is always an option.

A vending machine.

Who came up with an idea to have a vodka machine? At least after a couple shots I’m not worried about the background humming or the rain anymore. Now I can just stay inside and watch the rain from my window.

Still raining…

Obviously there would be a lot more to show. For instance how the actual game play looks at the moment and so on. But there’s also plenty of coding to do. I have been talking about videos and that’s what I’m planning to do. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to give updates this week. Maybe next week is better. Anyway… See you later and thanks stopping by.

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