Quick Help #2 – Array Has an Enum Value or Has It Not?

Today I was implementing a mechanism for saving game state into a file. I am basically using a similar approach as in the official documentation example (https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/tutorials/io/saving_games.html). In one of my persistent nodes I noticed something fishy. I was working with an array full of enum values but after loading that particular array my array#hasContinue reading “Quick Help #2 – Array Has an Enum Value or Has It Not?”

Sneak Peak to Alpha 0.4.0

Next alpha version is just around the corner. There is still some content missing. I would say the first chapter is half way finished. There’s at least more playable content, new inventory system, new menus, environmental elements like rain and a lot more. But now is not the time to talk about a version thatContinue reading “Sneak Peak to Alpha 0.4.0”

Tutorial #1 – Godot Audio Volume

I will keep my tutorials short. They usually cover only the basics. The simplest solution to a problem at hand. My intentions are not to guide how to make production ready code or design. There are multiple ways of handling audio in your Godot project. I’m going to show some of the technics to makeContinue reading “Tutorial #1 – Godot Audio Volume”

Quick Help #1 – How to Remove an Item from an Array in GDScript

This is the first post in ‘quick help’ series. When I find a bug in my code and think it’s worth sharing, this series is where I’ll post it. Also everyone hates too long tutorials and examples. I’ll show you how to do things properly. Prerequisites: Godot v3.3 Problem: Whenever I try to remove anContinue reading “Quick Help #1 – How to Remove an Item from an Array in GDScript”

This is Somnium Novis

I started the development a couple of months back. I had already done a couple of concepts. There was a rolling sky clone, a minigolf game and many others. None of those seemed to keep me excited. I always lost my interest after a while. Then I started thinking what I really love about gamesContinue reading “This is Somnium Novis”