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Summer time

During the summer there will be less updates to Somnium Novis. I mean the sun is shining and I will be having my summer holiday. There is also a new project I’m working on. It is graphically and technically less demanding project and I will be putting my efforts on that for now. To beContinue reading “Summer time”

Somnium Novis 0.4.0

This alpha version is now complete. I could go and list a bunch of new features but instead I’ll just leave a video here. That’s how lazy I am. Thanks for visiting. Have a good one!

Quick Help #2 – Array Has an Enum Value or Has It Not?

Today I was implementing a mechanism for saving game state into a file. I am basically using a similar approach as in the official documentation example ( In one of my persistent nodes I noticed something fishy. I was working with an array full of enum values but after loading that particular array my array#hasContinue reading “Quick Help #2 – Array Has an Enum Value or Has It Not?”