Summer time

During the summer there will be less updates to Somnium Novis. I mean the sun is shining and I will be having my summer holiday. There is also a new project I’m working on. It is graphically and technically less demanding project and I will be putting my efforts on that for now. To be honest, it’s not a new project in sense that most of it was implemented already a couple of years back. It was supposed to be a single player role-playing game for android. I was making the game on Unity but now I decided to port it to Godot. So basically all the hard parts have been already implemented.

So far the porting has been a success. I already have random map generator, basic game play and so on. I mentioned the project was supposed to be released on android (and it actually was as a beta) and I’m not saying the Godot port won’t be available on android as well but currently I’m focusing on making it run on Windows. First for Windows and then for Linux and MacOS (hopefully).

I won’t be publishing any graphical content just yet. There is lot of work to do first. When I have something to show, I will give an update with images. That’s a promise. Oh.. almost forgot. Before I started working on Somnium Novis I made a working minigolf gaming. It’s a demo version since it doesn’t have too many courses. Anyway.. I think I’ll make it available for download at some point.

Lot of things going on and I need to rest as well. I think you should also leave your phones and computers and go out to just enjoy life for a while. Have a good one. Cheers!

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